Art Circus Spotlight
‘Edge of the World’ and ‘Echoes, Rhythms and Deep Flows’
By Dalit Leon


The process of painting overtakes the process of thinking. Spatial figuration leaps over the linearity of reason and encompasses it. A chaos which belongs to the cosmos and patterns of infinite variance, but also contains an essential oneness. It is first a mirror that reflects the dense complexities that inhabit body, mind and soul, and those which surround them; it is then a synthesis and a figuration of some perceivable order, of cause and effect, of tensions and harmonies, of continuity in time and space, of infinite depths and constant transformation.

This body of work first came about as a discovery of a new space; I first found it whilst drawing a space I couldn’t recognize as somewhere I had “visited” before; This drawing sang to me about echoes and a space that is shattered by time. I tend to think of this recent body of work in terms of music- the landscape almost floats in space where light and shadow take on the identity of form, making up a composition of rhythms that reverberate but also diverge and spin out into other dimensions. Light and dark pushed towards the edge of colour tell of the flows of being and becoming, the unfolding narratives of perception and the impossibility of emptiness, stillness or nothingness. Key is the relationship to water, in figuration and imaginative embodiment, its essential presence as a transformative and reflective substance.



My work is grounded in process and as such has been made with little premeditation or conscious intervention. The premise is one of deep meditation, which hovers between the material and transcendental, between objective and subjective realities and the ever- presence of dreams. In painting, concepts become objects of sense, imagination and ambiguity; free to become fluid and interchangeable, they may visualize a question over the nature of material and conceptual boundaries.

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