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New Paintings by Nigel Cooke


Nigel Cooke’s four new paintings, recently shown at Modern Art, create layered images of atmospheric landscapes with suggestions of architecture, vegetation and abstract shapes, inhabited by ghostly figures and closely painted objects that include books, watches, eyeballs, and decaying fruit. Cooke’s paintings use techniques and motifs that often articulate references to painters and painting’s history. Throughout his work, Cooke depicts an open narrative of intellectual pursuit, creative endeavour, and human folly.

“Our modern illusions of progress and sophistication are destroyed by the humiliations of the creative process generally, and for me the complexities of the painting process specifically” – Nigel Cooke.  Continue reading “New Paintings by Nigel Cooke”

‘Body Language’ at the Saatchi Gallery, London


20th November 2013 – 16th March 2014

Saatchi’s new exhibition ‘Body Language’ brings together a group of contemporary artists, consisting of twelve painters, two photographers and five sculptors. all who use the human figure in their practice. Artworks of note include (starting from top) Jansson Stegner’s seductive, slender New York cops, Makiko Kudo’s Monet/Manga inspired dreamscapes, Helen Verhoeveno’s lots of people in a room, Michael Cline’s Grosz-esque ‘saints and sinners’, Alexander Tinei’s creepy smiley lady with accordion (shown left) Amy Bessone’s glazed masks (shown right) and Andra Usutra’s squashed mummified jogger with sperms. Continue reading “‘Body Language’ at the Saatchi Gallery, London”

‘Réflexions faites’ by Romain Trystram



‘Réflexions faites’ is a series by French illustrator Romain Trystram. Romain’s smooth illustration style takes you round a slick, unknown metropolis, catching the city’s late night workers, commuters and strays through a rainy neon night, then drops you off as the city wakes up to a refreshing sunny morning. Continue reading “‘Réflexions faites’ by Romain Trystram”

A Fabric Toilet, Fridge and Oven by Do Ho Suh



Korean artist, Do Ho Suh is known for constructing site-specific installations which play with the ways viewers occupy and inhabit the structures and spaces. For his upcoming exhibition at Lehmann Maupin, Suh has created delicate and ghost like sculptures of common household items made out of polyester fabric.

Kehinde Wiley’s ‘World Stage: Jamaica’
At the Stephen Friedman Gallery, London



5th October to 16th November 2013

‘World Stage: Jamaica’ will be Kehinde Wiley’s first ever UK solo exhibition.The exhibition features Jamaican men and women assuming poses taken from 17th and 18th Century British portraiture, the first one in the ‘World Stage’ series to feature portraits of women. The juxtaposition between the sitter and the art historical references reflects on the relationship between the island and her former colonial power. Wiley is restaging this history, transforming the race and gender of the traditional art-historical hero to reflect the contemporary urban environment. The subjects’ proud posturing refers to both the source painting and the symbolism of Jamaican culture, with its singular people and specific ideals of youth, beauty and style. Continue reading “Kehinde Wiley’s ‘World Stage: Jamaica’
At the Stephen Friedman Gallery, London”

Submarine Rises From The Ground And Lifts Up Car Slightly


Advertising agency M&C Saatchi Milano have created this striking installation, as a marketing campaign for the insurance group Europ Assistance IT. The new campaign called “Protect Your Life”, promotes the importance of safeguarding your possessions through insurance. The installation also came with fireman and police officers rescuing the crew of the submarine. (Via)

The Work of Alex Roulette



Looking through Alex Roulette’s paintings feels like looking through a collection of uncanny, unnerving, dreamlike photos. Cars and houses look slightly out of place, either simply due their positioning or because of their style and architectural design. The characters which inhabit the paintings appear as if they’ve been stumbled upon, during strange yet oddly familiar happenings. It all feels like a wrong turn through a town you might of known. (Via)

Continue reading “The Work of Alex Roulette”

The Giant Glass Cube with Cloud Experience



Japanese architecture firm Tetsuo Kondo Architects in collaboration with environmental engineering firm Transsolar have created an installation called Cloudscapes, located in the Sunken Garden of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Cloudscapes gives visitors the experience of walking up a staircase, through a cloud. As the project states: ‘The temperature and humidity inside the container are controlled to keep the clouds at their designed height. The air inside the container forms three distinct strata, one cool and dry, at the bottom, a warm and humid middle stratum, and a hot and dry stratum at the top. The warm, humid layer is where the clouds form.’ (Via)