Christian Rex van Minnen’s ‘Glazed and Confused’

VAN_MINNEN_Christian_2014_HOT_HORROR_ON_THA_DANCE_FLOOR_Oil_Linen_46_x_32in”Rex van Minnen explores the techniques and styles of Old Masters’ oil painting while seeking out opportunities within the traditional layers and glazes of paint to create a confused stratum of form, content and meaning. The end result are paintings that marry opposing forces of harmony and dissonance, beauty and horror, meaning and absurdity.

The works in this exhibit depict grotesque portraits tattooed with a matrix of old and new tattoos, psychedelic patterns draped over mutated and chimeric forms, and hidden drawings embedded within the flowers of a still-life: images that present confusions of truth within the layers of paint; the mask and the face; psychedelia and psychosis; the cancer and the body; cultural inclusivity and assimilation; profundity and the absurd.” (Via)



VAN_MINNEN_Christian_2014_SURVIVOR_MAN_Oil_Panel_14_x_11in‘Glazed and Confused’ is on show at Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen from May 9th – June 7th, 2014.