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Sky of England 3

by Adrian

I was born in 1968 in Bournemouth, Dorset. Despite having an interest in art at school i never pursued it for many  years doing various jobs until 2008. During recovering from illness i started drawing again, In 2010 i attended Bournemouth and Poole College achieving a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. After that i studied B A Honours Fine Art at the University of Chichester specialising in painting and am currently studying a masters degree there.

Works by Casper David Friedrich, Joseph Turner, John Constable and more recently Elizabeth magill and George Shaw are amoung the main influences in my work.

The Genre i work in is primarily landscape. I work in various media but Oil paint is my preffered option, often using watercolour, ink or charcoal sketches along with photography to prepare for larger paintings.

I am a realist painter and often try to capture atmosphere, the uncanny/eerie in the landscape.