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by Alannah Barker

The initial starting point of my drawings is to photograph strangers covertly in public spaces. Inquisitiveness into the undue significance into glances of unfamiliar people, along with the idea of a contact being created through the snap-shot are both ideas that began this series of drawings. Photographing strangers in this way captures individuals in moments of introspection and an unexpected rawness is created.
Aspects of the drawings imitate the photographs, so the individuals are recognisable although any surrounding is removed allowing the viewer to focus solely on the information they are given. The subjects I choose are essentially unknown individuals, viewers are able to study the drawings, they can involve themselves with each person and start their own unique perspective, applying their own narrative to the subject, factual details such as age, profession or possible personalities can be applied so each drawing become unique to each viewer.
The space of the paper is important part of compositions, it is utilized to make the subjects appear like lonely fragments that have been salvaged from a larger narrative. I like to create a dreamlike quality of something not quite formed. The sense of incompleteness is poignant and disturbing evoking alternating thoughts. Placing the subject in empty dimensions of the paper can further this thought process, giving the character the potential to move around the boundaries of the paper.