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by Angela Ho

The ambiguous relationship between pencil and I built up ever since I was a kid, it was the first drawing medium I used and accompanied me all the years in growing up as an artist. It often reminds me of the good and bad times in life, and my drawing is like the photographs or witnesses of the time we have been through. In the contemporary and innovative world we don’t see hand writing or drawing as much as we used to, we seem to forget that only handwriting is directive, intimate and unique. Hence, I want to use this primitive and down-to-earth way to make art and allow not only spectators but myself to explore my artist perceptions about who I am and our place in the world.

People often asked me: What do you find difficult to draw?
Self-portrait. It is a conscious representation of one self and is meant to be symbolic and unique to one particular person or to heighten identity. As an artist, there is no better way to represent my appearance other than drawing. Ironically, I have always felt my self-portrait is doing the total opposite. The face in the drawing looks like another person and the gaze from her is disturbing; she is looking at the spectators waiting to be seen. I am frighten to look at the drawing and it is almost like I have become a random spectator and the drawing is foreign to me.  I am confused and disorientated, is that coming from my lack of self-confidence or technical skills? Who am I?
Role-playing is a series of drawings exploring my identity and disorientation in self-portrait using an invisible spectator’s point of view, to watch my spectators, my life and myself in a completely fresh way.

I am a young emerging British Chinese Artist who recently graduated with Master in Arts Drawing from Wimbledon School of Art. 

I have widely exhibited in London, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Somerset, Wellingborough and other cities across the UK.