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by Artists In Action UK

I paint in watercolour, acrylic, gouache and oil.  Lots of different subjects. Im very eclectic.
When someone buys a painting it gives me great pleasure to know the person I sold to
has a work of art they like and will enjoy every time they look at it. Great feeling.

I have a degree in The Humanities and Art History.  I do private bespoke indepth tours of the National Gallery for private clients. 1- 10 at a time. Any day of the week or weekends. Quotes available on request.

I paint using watercolour, acrylic, oil and gouache.  Style wise I will have a go at anything. I like line work, white on black, landscaping, flowers,  and all sorts of other things. If you go to you will get some idea of what I mean.  Ive been painting for about 6 years. I am also a poet, writer, singer, (folk), and crafter. I exhibit with SEOS and am an area co-ordinator for it. This takes place in Mid June.

I have an exhibition in Crowborough from 14th Feb to 28th Feb.
Preview on 14th at 7pm. 
at The Community Centre Crowborough, its behind the libarary.