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by Brogan Ramm

"I am neither subject nor object but a subject who feels he is becoming an object: I then experience a micro version of death… Ultimately, what I am seeking in the photograph taken of me… is death."
- Roland Barthes

Photography allows us to rehearse for death: sitting listening to the noise of time passing – a 3 minute rigid stillness that feels more like a lifetime.

These images are rehearsals: they are death masks for the living.

The noise I’m referring to above is the main piece of equipment I have been using, of late, in my photographic practice – a flatbed scanner. By constructing pinhole camera obscura’s atop flatbed scanners I have created images, using modern equipment, which capture the essence of the early photographic practice.

What attracts me to the scanner camera? Much like the early photograph, the images are created over an extended period of time. However, unlike a long exposure these photographs show aligned moments instead of overlaid ones. The subject’s authenticity is compromised through their subtle movements in a manner that is much less obvious than these early photographic images – though the same eerie quality, remains.Brogan Ramm was born in 1991 in Edinburgh, Scotland. She was a winner of the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art (RGI) Graduate Prize 2013 - the only photographer to date to have been selected for this award. She has also been awarded the Stills' Graduate Award - which consists of a one year residency at Stills' Gallery, Edinburgh. Brogan will be showing in the McLellan Galleries later this year and in the Kelly Galley in 2014.

She is currently based in Glasgow and holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Photography from the Glasgow School of Art.


2013 - Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts (RGI) New Graduate Award
2013 - Stills' Graduate Award 2013


09/2013 - 09/2014 - Stills' Gallery, Edinburgh



09/2013 - '4 Scottish Schools', A.Gallery, Glasgow
11/2013 - 'Royal Glasgow Institutes 152nd Annual Show', McLellan Galleries, Glasgow
TBC/2014 - The Kelly Gallery, Glasgow


07/2013 - 'Best of Degree Show', Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow
07/2013 - 'Octavo Fika 3', Forest Café, Edinburgh
06/2013 - 'Glasgow School of Art Degree Show', Glasgow
04/2012 - 'Untitled', Glue Factory, Glasgow
02/2011 - 'Drawing Blanks', Newbery Gallery, Glasgow
03/2010 - 'The Body as a Site of Cultural Representation', Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow