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by Carol Davies Artist

My work varies from large mixed media canvases of still life and landscape to tighter illustrative design, using graphite or pen & ink with colour wash.

I am inspired by nature's beauty and light and am never happier than walking and sketching in this stunning countryside.  Many of the still life paintings depict aspects of my everyday existence and include subjects such as unusual feathers, fruit from the orchards or garden vegetables.  

Something as simple as a particular colour can present the starting point of a new painting.  More recently, with a new range of cards and illustrative designs, my work has followed a 'quirkier' approach, taking, for example, a pencil drawing of a pea pod and adding the peas in green or pink.  This leads on from an awareness that all life is energy and the 'vibration' of that energy can translate into different colours.  Thus, as we move up the Chakra colours from the root chakra in red to the blue throat chakra and beyond, the feeling conveyed by the subject matter alters according to its translation in energy terms.

South East Open Studios 2013