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Form 4 - 1

by Chloe Rosser

My current project deals with the body as a strange sculptural form. Photographed in this contorted fashion, the body becomes inhuman. It is a mindless mass of flesh, both intriguing and repelling us. Here, what should be intimately familiar is transformed into an unfamiliar sculpture. The work is an unsettling exploration into the human condition and our alienation from our own bodies. 

I am a recent graduate of BA(Hons) Photography at Falmouth University and am now based in London. The course has strengthened my passion for photography and refined my proficiency in the medium. Whilst I have developed a deep appreciation for the art, I have also learnt to look critically.Future Exhibitions:

Deserts of Humanity
PV 6pm 6th February 2014
7th February 2014 - end date to be confirmed

Display London
Morley House
26 – 30 Holborn Viaduct

London EC1A 2AT

Future Flesh
20 - 27 March 2014
Gallery 223

137-139 Lower Marsh Street
London SE1 7AE

Previous Exhibitions:

London Art Fair 2014, Art Catlin stand
14 - 19 Jan 2014
Business Design Centre

52 Upper St
London N1 0QH

Cream13: A Showcase of Graduate Photography Talent.

15 - 30 August 2013
University of Brighton Gallery

University of Brighton
58-67 Grand Parade
Brighton BN2 0JY

14 September - 27 October 2013
Brighton Dome

Founders Room & Foyer
Church Street
Brighton BN1 1UE
Priviate View 14 September, 6-8pm