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by Corrin Tulk

Living in the Norfolk Broads village of Upton, I enjoy easy access to the expansive scenery and coastlines that inspire my paintings. I attempt to create rich, bold abstracts that reflect the spirit of a place.

I have a passion for producing large-scale works, but find these the most challenging! My background was in designing corporate Interiors where a millimeter on a working drawing amounted to a metre of office space in reality. I feel this spatial awareness is interwoven in my paintings in the form of balance and composition. I also often combine differing perspectives in a single canvas, for example elevations and plan views.

Many artists inspire me, particularly Cy Twombly for his texture and large scale paintings, Fred Williams for his courageous use of colour in his outback paintings, Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham for surprising colour compositions and Mimmo Paladino for painting/sculptural interplay and symbolism.

My current emphasis is exploring the use of paint colour to create bold contrasts while scratchy mark making and vertical elements are created with palette knives.