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by Corrina Cooper

 My work attempts to investigate the notion of ‘The Everyday’ through temporary invasions of site-specific spaces.‘The Everyday’ is unrealised in its own materialisation which, regardless of the significance, cannot be actualised due to the moment passing. 
In effect I begin to create a reformulation of what is common knowledge, bringing the uneventful and overlooked aspects of lived experience into visibility. I entwine my installations with elements of the land art movement, allowing natural entropic processes to live the work through to its end, converging into an indeterminable spectrum.
I come from a growing town called Milton Keynes, in which I spent most of my life until my BA in Lincoln. After falling in love with the scenery I decided to move to the countryside of Tingewick, in which I have become an avid collector of all things found. 
As an artist I have grown definably far over the last 5 years progressing from a painter to an installation artist. Studying Art and Design at foundation level pushed me to look towards this idea of the everyday which I further began to develop during my degree at University. After traveling Europe my ideas have been further pushed towards a concept of death in the everyday and as a society, we are only just beginning to recover from this period.