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by Cunningart

Eleanor Cunningham


Eleanor Cunningham is a Fine Artist specialising in photography using alternative methods. A recent Masters graduate from Chelsea College of Art & Design, she regularly exhibits and photographs various locations around the UK. Brought up in the small Cathedral City of Lichfield in the West Midlands, she now lives and works in London.


Constantly making new works, her art practice is in an ongoing state of flux. It is an on-going exploration into the continually changing nature of photography - combining analogue with digital and introducing new elements such as salts and inks to keep the physicality of the medium. Purposely manipulating the subject matter in order to create an image that illustrates the freedoms now possible due to new technology, but also referring to the traditional materiality of the photographic medium.


The subject matter reflects on the ideas of preservation. Purposely seeking unique locations that have been kept in their original state, such as cemeteries, stately (or unstately) homes, national parks or historical sites and museums. These places are then photographed, her preferred camera being a Zenza Bronica SQ-A. Her sole aim is to document the dated and classic nature within the chosen image. They are places that share similarities to the darkroom, still used but now considered a dated concept. By using film, the grain and subtle dust marks and scratches play an important part as she wants to extinguish this notion that image and film has to be high definition and flawless. This expectation of the image leaves no mystery; it is instead fully presented in front of you. Using physical elements such as photographic film, water and ink means there is the chance of mistakes. There is never full control in this process, even if the development is followed correctly. Her process brings it closer and seems more real to us, as we ourselves have imperfections.