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First creating detailed observational pencil drawings of fantastical, anthropomorphic worlds, Phil Huntington a.k.a Dogboy, develops his linear worlds into hyper colour illustrations incorporating both screen print and digital methods. His high action artworks are rich single-page narratives; often incorporating exciting creatures and in-depth plots, following in the traditions of Pieter Bruegel and Hieronymus Bosch.
As part of the Dark Matter Press collective Phil produces work for limited
edition prints, self published periodicals and desirable ephemera.
Bowtie Bros & Co - Inishowone - Group show - E&J’s Pantry, Covent Garden, London
MA show - Group show - Camberwell College, London.
From The Loom Room - Group show - Blackall Studios, Shoreditch, London.
Xhibit - Group show - CSM at King’s Cross - Kingsgate Workshop Trust - Menier Gallery, London.
Space Organ - Dark Matter Collective show - Northbar - Leeds.
Saltaire Arts Trail - Dark Matter Collective show - Saltaire.
Launch of Shelsuit Zombie’s ‘Uncontained’ project -Boxpark - Shoreditch, London.
Firstly I work with pencil on paper and I spend a large amount of time drawing. My sketchbooks are A2 note pads, which I use to make landscape drawings and illustrations by piecing together the A2 pages to form ridiculously large tiled drawings.
As an Illustrator and Print Maker my work is conceived under the initial intension of producing physical objects. I don’t however feel limited or bound to this. I see the way I work as more of an outlook with aesthetic values based in print processes.
The Fundamental elements of this style, for me, are in the use of colour and line work. I am always trying to improve upon my understanding of colour and develop my drawing skills.
I really enjoy single plane narrative works by collectives such as ‘Elvis Studios’ and earlier Renaissance Artists like ‘Bosch’, ‘Bruegel’ and the satirical work of ‘William Hogarth’.
This is where I see my personal work heading in the future. I am less concerned with temporal narratives, where progression in time is separated into frames, and more interested these days in making large scaled mega drawings that contain narrative within one sprawling scene.