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by D R Ceramics

Born in Australia into an art loving family, I have been around the arts from a very early age and studied Double Bass at the Victorian College of the Arts in the mid 90’s.  I then travelled extensively throughout Asia, Europe and Africa and have experienced many different cultures and artistic ideas.
Since moving to the UK in 2000 my family and I are now established in Curry Mallet, Somerset.  It is here that I have formed an interest in both thrown functional pottery and also thrown decorative agateware. 
To me ceramics should be enjoyed and used on a daily basis.  If it is difficult to use, clean or isn’t aesthetically pleasing then there is a high chance that it will find itself hidden away in a cupboard or worse!  This idea is the basis for works that I create.  Simple forms and colours make items blend into established colour schemes and modern life styles. 
My Agateware carries the same idea and style of functionality, but the randomness and unpredictability of the decorative pattern gives a real sense of drama and excitement throughout the whole creative process.  The colours I choose to create the agate effect are a blend of white, black and browns to replicate patterns found in nature.  These blend together to create unique patterning for each piece.
I will be showing my works for the first time during Somerset Art Weeks 2011.  I hope that you will come visit my works and the other exhibiting artist.