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by Gerard Carson

I am primarily concerned with ideas of collation and assemblies of appropriated materials; images and objects that are weighted and related to one another through a common visual aesthetic in design, and in techniques of mass production. The visual aesthetic is representative of the material’s background and purpose of production, a point that my work refers to.
By working with appropriated material, I focus upon certain visual features of the material, whereby they are removed from their original setting or context and placed within a framework that warps their material qualities and the ideological setting from which they derive.
My practice is one of anchoring and relaying visual materials upon one another, their common thread being one of a historical connection to themes of technological/political/ideological progression and regression.Gerard Carson is an artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, working in sculpture, collage, and video.

He graduated from  the University of Ulster School of Art & Design in 2010, studying in BA Fine Art.

Carson has had work exhibited in Germany, France, the UK, and Ireland.

He is an associate member of Array Studios, situated in Belfast City.