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China Moment: Jade Emperor - Corruption and Mistresses

by Haichuan Huang

My understanding of art is a basic platform for the audience to ponder and reflect upon and also a start point for art being developed as a record of people’s life. Contemporary artists shall consider presenting the audience not only a simple snapshot of a picture of the life, but also entailing their own feelings and interpretations of the image. In our current fast-paced society today, art should be of high appreciative values and visual impacts so that it can draw audience’s attention and let them start thinking about the meaning of this work.

Due to living in different countries, I became interested in politics and philosophy and developed personal understanding of social and cultural phenomena, which encouraged improvements on my artistic style. Since 2010, I’ve paid great attention to different interpretations of Western media on China’s social conditions. Because of different culture backgrounds and social systems, the realities are usually different from media reports regardless it is Chinese media or Western media. The media generally attempt to report those only conforming to their own ideologies and it is impossible for them to present facts completely and objectively.

Based on the above two facts, I have started establishing my own artistic style and creating a range of art works portraying the Chinese political environment usually under influence of the Chinese media. For China’s cultural renaissance, I selected traditional Chinese New Year paintings as a basis and used creative elements of the Chinese mythological figures to reflect current social and political phenomena. In the near future, I will continue working on a series of these paintings and artistic works to reveal social phenomena based on these kinds of ideas.

2010 - 2013
BA (Hons) Fine Art                             
Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London

2008 - 2009
Courses in Design and Illustration                 
London College of Communication, University of the Arts London

2005 - 2006
Foundation in Visual Communication and Filmmaking                                 
China Central Academy of Fine Arts 


Chelsea College of Arts & Design Degree Show                                           

“Re-growing” - The First Biennale of Chinese Artists in UK                                 

“Shen” Exhibition                                                                 

Second Prize
Centennial Xinhai Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition in UK