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Sports for Everyone

by Harriet Alana

Harriet is keen on the DIY ethos: from handmade printmaking methods, to 'old school' face-to-face-dictophone-in-hand interview techniques, right through to the traditional cut and paste methods of the making of her skate zine.

Harriet's work often features people and animals... 'they're the two most interesting things to draw. When I get bored of drawing people, I draw animals. When I get bored of drawing animals, i draw people.'Harriet Alana Shephard is a freelance illustrator orgininally from the Midlands, now living and working in Londo,n after graduating from Camberwell.

Harriet draws stuff, screen prints, cycles, skateboards and makes the skate fanzine, Brash, which is beginning to be a 'household name' within the skateboarding community... and she still finds time to run girls skateboard sessions!A mention on Creative Reviews blog for the Camberwell Illustration degree show:

Mixed Special, external degree show website:

An interview with Harriet Alana