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by Hyunjeong Lim

The primary focus in my art practice has been that of evoking, through a visual medium, the sense of fantasy— which is naturally inherent in human beings. The method I have used for expressing this idea has been that of producing figurative drawings on canvas and paper. My main reason for this choice is my interest in the notion of unconscious memories and in creating imaginary worlds. Thus, the most prominent features of my work are using a type of intuitive drawing(such as doodling) and creating highly imaginative drawn figures and landscapes. 
I found inspirational examples from works by Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel, George Condo and Paul Noble as they depicted biomorphic shapes of creatures which show primitive, sometimes grotesque yet visually arresting images and sensibilities to the viewer. Likewise, through experimenting in this way of drawing, I can express a mindscpae consisting of various creatures with stories that are suggestive to the world of fantasy.
Since starting the MA Fine Art course in CSM, 2011, my direction of practice has also become a response to the long history of illustrated works from the ancient world to those of contemporary artists. On one hand, I am intrigued with ancient artifacts that use fantasy elements connected with the account of historical events around the world. For example, I regard Greek, Indian, Egyptian, Assyrian carvings and sculptures in the British Museum as an important reference to my personal themes. Historic figures in these works are often intricately intertwined, thus making the works seem one biomorphic organic object — which has a powerful visual impact on me. 
In addition, from the research of renaissance landscape drawings by old masters such as Pieter Bruegel, I have started to experiment with using charcoal and a wash of water or acrylic color in order to create an old appearance of the surface on paper. This process leads me to the subject matter of landscape which can describe an artist’s inner view. As a consequence, I see the possibility of finding connections in previous art history with my own contemporary practice, in that I would like to produce a fantasy based surrealistic view of the real world by combining historical painting traditions with my own inner imaginary world.

Hyunjeong Lim

born in Busan, South Korea in 1987, currently lives and works in London.


- currently studying in MA Fine Art Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design

Bachelors in Fine Arts, Oil Painting ,Seoul National University(SNU), South Korea, 2010

- Study Abroad : University of Vienna, Austria, 2008 (Completed courses in Introduction to Chinese Art, Introduction to the Art and Architecture of the Indian Subcontinent)


Group Exhibitions

- “PreDrawing Biennale” by Drawing Biennale DMZ Heyri Organization, Hangil Book Museum, Paju, South Korea (April 5~28th, 2013)

- “Xhibit 2013”, 272 High Holborn Gallery, London, 2013 (exhibition continues on Four Corners gallery, London May 2~13th, 2013)

- “ Oblivion”, 17-20 Parr St, Shoreditch, London, 2013

-“A Homage to a Leak”, 272 High Holborn Gallery, London, 2013

- “Community”, SU Gallery CMS, London, 2012

- “CSM Fine Art Auction 2012”, Lethaby Gallery, London, 2012

-”The Signature Art Prize Gala Show” by Degree Art Gallery, Old Spitalfields Martket, London, 2012

-”Plan.Open Hidden/Exposed” by Arbeit Gallery, Mile End Art Pavilion, London 2012

-”2012 Saha Art exhibition”, Eulsukdo gallery, Busan, South Korea, 2012

-“CSM Interim Show”, V22, London, 2012

- “Black Out” Public Art project, Bld. 106, Seoul National University, South Korea, 2012

- “Here, and Now” Young Artist Competition, Gallery Grimson, Seoul, South Korea 2011

-“ I - OTHERS =? “, Gallery Mui, Seoul, South Korea2009

-” SNU BA Fine Art Degree Show”, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea, 2009



- Finalists, Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2013

- Semi finalist, the Signature Art Prize 2012

- Shortlisted to Red Mansion Prize, the Red Mansion Foundation, 2012

- Choi Uk-kyung Artist Scholarship, 2008