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IN 8

by James Chappell

The Collage i create is a blend of surreal realism which can take you a path that doesn't exist.
I like to use black and white imagery as a base for the subject matter adding colour with paper
or paint where i feel it needs defacing or not.

The subject is dictacted from the moment i see the first image which will develop from
a story in my head based on that one image to putting it all together in front of me.

I try not to spend too much time on a piece as it loses it's spontaneous flow it's important for
me to make it feel as natural as possible.
Sometimes i will destroy it when i have spent hours on it.

My inspiration comes from Dada and Surreal art which includes Monty Python with a dash
of Carry on thrown in and a 3/4 time signature left of the traffic light's past the turnip and straight

James Chappell

Colchester institute graphic's
Suffolk college graphic's

Clients include.
Sunday Telegraph Australia
Sideburn Magazine (motorbike magazine)
The Pippa & Ike Show (clothes shop)