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Time Capsule

by Jana Emburey

We perceive the notion of time in different ways. Scientists, philosophers, writers and artists have been trying to make sense of it for centuries, yet we still do not actually know how it works. We travel in time through our dreams and memories, reliving versions of moments past. Can we bring them into the future? Or is everything happening simultaneously? Is all just one?

Exploring perceptions of time fascinates me and brings new discoveries and problems every day. My practice involves travelling through memories and constructing pieces from found objects, both natural and man-made and from ephemera that help to trigger a memory of a particular moment. Preserving these recollections in artwork through various media can take me back in even more vivid ways.

My work is evolving towards sculpture although I still work in painting, drawing and printmaking medias. The concept of my work is based on the perception of time, memory and time travel from scientific, cultural as well as nostalgic point of view. 


December 2012 - St Fergus Foyer Gallery, Wick

December 2012 - TimeSpan, Helmsdale

December 2012 - Caithness Horizons, Thurso

August 2012 - RGI Kelly Gallery, Glasgow,

June 2012 – Scion House, Stirling Innovation Centre, Stirling,

June 2012 – Degree Show, North Glasgow College

May 2012 - ArtHouse at DegreeArt, Vyner Street, London

May 2012 - Bar10, Glasgow

May 2012 - Temporary Art Gallery show at Skypark, Glasgow,

June 2011 – Dwelling, Resonate, Alloa

June 2011 – BA Art & Design Degree Show

December 2008 – Winter Warmth, Callendar House, Falkirk

May 2007 – Orchard Hotel, Falkirk

March 2006 – Art Gallery, Modra, Slovakia

January 2004 – Through My Eyes, Tea Room, Pezinok, Slovakia

March 2003 – Two Generations, Arts Centre Pezinok, Slovakia

July 2002 - August 2002 - Banchory, Arts Centre, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

December 2002 - Arts Centre Aberdeen, Scotland

November 2001 - Jana and Friends, Arts Centre Aberdeen, Scotland

April 2000 - Just Me, Arts Centre Aberdeen, Scotland

May 1998 - Arts Centre, Macduff, Scotland