The Art Circus Contemporary Artists

by Jane Ronie GLASS

I work with glass using the process of kilnformation.  This involves cutting and forming layers of glass on top of each other to create different designs.  The glass is then heated and cooled in a controlled manner in a kiln over a number of hours to create different end results. .

My work demonstrates the differences which can be achieved by tayloring the kiln to different fusing schedules e.g. the smooth finish in the tableware results from full fusing where multiple layers of glass become one single layer.  The more texturised finish which can be seen in the wall panels and the glass and wood combinations is achieved by a tack fuse.  During this process the glass is heated to a lesser temperature and the shapes and layers of the individual glass pieces are retained.  Some pieces require multiple firings e.g. a bowl which is initially fused as a flat sheet  is then returned to the kiln to be 'slumped' over a mould to establish the finished shape.

Glass is a fantastic medium to work with and I enjoy the continual challenge of coming up with new ways of working and the pursuit of new products.

My work is mainly commission based.  If you would like to know more about any of my products or simply have a question about the process, please feel free to contact me.