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by Jill Harraway

My jewellery collection originates from making sculptures in Perspex and metal, two materials I enjoy seeing together.

My 3D work is designed to work as well both indoors and outdoors and is inspired by 1960's minimalist architecture. The work reflects ambient light thereby ensuring the sculptures look different every time they are viewed. 
I have recently turned my hand to making smaller work, not least for practical reasons. However, the materials and what is behind the jewellery remains true to the above. Most of my jewellery is made out of Perspex or PVC tubing and wire. The eye-catching brooches leave glimpses of light and space and the rings and bracelets can be moulded and changed to wear as desired. If you prefer something lighter to wear then you could also take a look at my balsa wood, matt vanished ink and suede edged brooches.
Enjoy and wear with flair!


My work can be found on Etsy and Folksy at

Jill Harraway trained at Chelsea College in FIne Art. Her jewellery is inspired by her love of architectural light and space and the 60's Minimalist movement. Her eye-catching work is unique, contemporary and fun to wear. The collection derived from her sculptures, also in Perspex, metal and wood some of which can be seen on her blog.