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Fine silver leaf pendant

by Louise West Lace Design

I am an artist working in lacemaking and fine silver jewellery. I use the lace as inspiration for pieces of individually created jewellery, which are hallmarked at the London Assay Office.  Bespoke pieces can be created from heirloom lace, either from antique lace (using photographs) or from contemporary lace, such as from a wedding dress.  The botanical subjects are often created using individual plant leaves, and so again are individual pieces which like fingerprints, are never quite the same as the next piece. 

Historically lace has been informed by fashion, and also plant trends - with 19th century plant hunters influencing the fashions, the Victorians and their fascination of ferns is a prime example.  Plants and lace are inextricably linked.
Lace has always been created and worn to make the wealthy wearer feel beautiful and good about themselves, but also to flaunt their wealth.  This function has now been taken on by jewellery and so using the lace for surface patterning, incorporates the essence of history whilst creating something contemporary.