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Girl in a Fancy Dress

by Marina Jijina

I'm a painter living and working in London.

Interested in the vulnerability of the human mind I find myself being driven by an attempt to empathise and unite with the emotive experiences of the characters I create .

The unique experience of unity is beautiful, it motivates me to create again and again.I explore different aspects of the human condition by means of creating an infusion of cultural, temporal and visual associations, sometimes seeking to reinterpret past traditions, investigating the conflict between man and the world in a collision between the ideal and the human.

Classically trained in art from a very young age I first became fascinated by the Old Masters when regularly went to The Hermitage to see the magnificent art collection.

Research and studies at university have expanded my imagination,- since moving to Britain in 2000 my work predominately has been related to the two main areas of interest: an academic research on philosophy of art and contemporary music.

I have exhibited in Russia, Britain, Italy, Spain ,U.S.A and Macedonia, my art work can be found in private and some public collections worldwide. As a full-time artist with humanitarian aspirations recently I became involved in several artistic multimedia collaborations.

Marina Jijina was born in St.Petersburg, Russia, and entered the Ioganson Fine Arts School at the Academy of Fine Arts aged 11 years.

The prestigious school at the Academy of Fine Arts gave Jijina a rigorous classical and traditional teaching of drawing, painting and the history of art over 7 years. Although Marina has since moved forward from straightforward realism and realism as such, her classical education formed an invaluable base on which she would continue her artistic development.

Marina Jijina holds BA Hons in Humanities from Herzen State Pedagogical University in Saint Petersburg. It was during the 4 years at University that she developed a deep interest in Philosophy that continued to grow over the course of many years and finally realised itself in an academic research on Philosophy of Art (2009-2011).

Since moving to Great Britain in 2000 , Marina Jijina has been working as a full-time painter and has exhibited in England - London , Manchester ,Cheshire and Lancashire , also in Russia, Spain, Italy, Macedonia and the United States ; her art work can be found in private collections worldwide.