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by Maxine Dodd - Artist

'I make paintings and drawings of anything that catches my eye or ear...
my paintings are drawn from life or from memory but always looking to capture the expression and feeling of the subject'.

Lately, I've turned my attention to movement and try to draw subjects that move fast or constantly change. Pen, ink with watercolour washes seem to lend themselves to this pursuit which I love!

Maxine is a contemporary fine artist working in Leicestershire. She was one of the Barton Hall artists for several years, until the sale of the building in 2012. Now based at her studio at home, her work is inspired by the environment close by, as well as further afield.

Last year, her work took a turn to try and capture subjects on the move, including the Kettering Symphony Orchestra in rehearsal and sporting subjects such as the Tour de France and the Olympics 2012. Recently, this action has spread to drawing outside again, observing the weather conditions and domestic subjects such as washing on the line.

She has had work included in the Kettering Open and last year her first solo exhibiton of the Tour de France watercolours at jGallery in Moulton, Northampton.