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Dream series

by Mia Droschler


Drøschler’s new paintings present a fantastical landscape vision, combing relationships of contemporary urban psyche with prehistory and nature.

Drøschler had for this project an interest in trying to embrace places in the world that are remote, where it is still possible to experience the chaos of primal feelings. In autumn 2010 she visited the forests of Borneo, actively trekking for days and experiencing fauna and animals in their relatively untouched natural environment. Her paintings deal with this place and also engage the edges of the human mind. She is aware of Freudian references within her work, making the painting very personal, however there is also a sense of overwhelming focus for exploration of our collective and now anxious psyche.

Her work deals with highly ethical and difficult issues, such our concerns for the global health of the natural world. Her focus on nature re-emphasises her concern for animal and ecological welfare, while at the same time it acknowledges the shift that the destruction nature causes within our own minds. The paintings seem to pose questions that challenge the well-known archetypes of dream images; one feels that within these paining these archetypes are at peril.

While the paintings present us with this extraordinary world of images, they are also played out with challenging and exquisite paintwork. The strong colours and large scale of these 10 paintings confirms that we have pushed our world and minds to an absurd place.


Born 1978, Denmark

Lives and works in Glasgow, UK and Copenhagen, DK

2010 Fine Art, Goldsmiths, London
2007 Billedskolen, (Fine Art) Copenhagen

Solo exhibitions
2011 “The Forest Within” Gallery ARCH402, curator Joanna Foster, London
2010 “Lost in Borneo ” Gallery Sub Rosa, Viborg, Denmark
2010 “Bell”, Ellsinore, Denmark
2009 “Transformation” Herlev´s Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark
2006 “Høegs”, Copenhagen, Denmark

Group exhibitions
2010 “100 Artists for Pride” , The Twilight Gallery, Brighton
2010 “Degreeshow 2010 “, Goldsmiths, London
2010 “How beautifull ugliness is”, Red Gate Gallery, London
2010 “!”, Amersham Arms, London
2010 “Komm, gib mir deine Hand”, HfBK HAMBURG (MUSEUM OF ART AND IDEAS), Germany
2009 “The Sneeze Art Flair” Art Below Zero, Westbourne Studios, London, England
2009 “Fors show”, The Rag Factory, curator Samantha London, England
2007 “Det er kunst” Gallery Nakke Hage, Bredgade, Copenhagen, Denmark
2006 “KE – Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling”, Juried selection, Copenhagen, Denmark
2006 “Kanvas”,, Copenhagen, Denmark
2004 “The Wall”, Elsinore’s Art Community, Ellsinore, Denmark

2008 “Dennis”, Assistant to video artist Line Kallmayer, Wichita, US
2008 Decoration and “co-host”, radio show P3 “on air”, Danish National Radio, Copenhagen
2009 Art guide in London for Danish artstudents from Thorstedlund Artschool
2008 Technical assistant, contemporary art talks at Goldsmiths, London

2010 Danish Art Council  Grant warded for The Forest Within, Gallery ARCH402
2011 British Art Council Grant warded for The Forest Within, Gallery ARCH402

Other education
2000-2002 Multi-media designer, Copenhagen

2011 Full residency Klitgaarden, Skagen, DK

2010 Visual Masters