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'The Internal Organs Of The French Philosophers: Ro

by Michael Hayter

Originally my work was concerned with the imagery thrown up by depression, but it has evolved into concerns with identity, power relationships, psychological states and the actual process of painting. Although my practice may start from an unconscious, intuitive standpoint its development is concerned with a knowledge and acknowledgement of the history of painting, often referencing religious and classical movements.
In my work I am interested in the connection between the artwork and the body and their relationship with emotional and mental states. In this way and in the way that I work, which is very physical, I like to think of my paintings as almost sculptural, often using materials such as hair, blood, urine and saliva, alongside more traditional materials.
My experience as a veterinary surgeon and my interest in the psychological and ethical aspects of the relationships between humans and animals, as well as their biological and anatomical similarities and differences, also feeds into my work.
Currently working out of Spike Island, Bristol, UK