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Rafael, The long walk ahead while looking back in disbelief

by Miguel Laino

Painting is my primary way of interpreting, reflecting and responding to the multitude of forms of things that we all attract into every moment of our lives. It is also me being a witness and striving to remember that everything is either a manifestation of Love or of fear. And that only Love is real.
This outlook, like painting itself, demands the utmost presence and unbiased observation, or else the essence of each thing can be lost in a moment - and along with it the truth. It is easy to become polarised, to become a crusader or a hedonist. It is easy to confuse objectivity with nihilism too. But witnessing is hard. And painting is the hardest kind of witnessing. But is also the most rewarding thing I can possibly imagine. My work is my testimony and my expression of gratitude for each fleeting, unique thing that expresses its essence through its form and then returns to the mystery from which we all arise.