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The Triumph Of Hope

by Pat Shenstone

My main interest is in pictoral story telling,  I often work on a series of linked themes, Telling Tales; Having Fun; Go- Diva, an attempt to bring Godiva from being a Saxon Lady to becoming a 20th Century woman.  I like to  paint seductive Large Blooms, Ripe Fruit & Sweet Food.
  During 2011 I started to paint with watercolour, I like the immediacy of the material and the method of preparation for working with the medium, stretching paper, laying washes, all add a delay to the work that provides a time to quitetly consider content .  My overiding concern is with feminist  issues, I use images of women to raise an ironic smile, prefering to allow humour to work as a tool of seeing a truth, I very much like a comment that someone made of my work that it is seriously funny.