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by Rita Mitchell Studio

Paintings in Oils or Watercolour.   I let my paintings do the talking so please take a look at my Gallery.I trained and worked as a colourist in textile design before taking a Degree Course in Fine Arts and English.  For fifteen years I ran my own art publishing business for the South Wales Tourist industry.
Now freed from commercial necessity, I draw and paint so that I can really experience the world around me.  When I paint from life I am exploring reality in a way that is not possible to do merely by looking or taking a quick photograph.
Painting is essentially a journey for me. Initially, I have an idea – I let it incubate in my mind - then, when I am ready to paint, I make a start with the main colours and cover all of the canvas.  The idea then becomes adjusted to the act of putting on the paint and the final outcome is always a surprise.  You have to learn to let the process take over and judge the moment to stop.  It’s a great experience when it goes well.
I like to paint every day and I feel uncomfortable if I can not do this.  It is a great honour to be able to create paintings which give other people pleasure.