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Steve has taken inspiration for his latest series of ceramic work from the run down areas and buildings of our towns and cities. From the crumbling graffittied walls (Urban Decay) to the colours of faded plaster and wallpaper on half demolished buildings (UD Two). Urban Decay 3 continues the theme, taking classical forms and shapes as reference, but distorts and subverts the object.


As well as looking at the urban landscape Steve has also taken inspiration from the natural environment in his Landform series


His pots are either slab built or coiled in stoneware clay. Using a combination of different clays, oxides, coloured slips and glazes with multiple firings to build up the colours and textures of the final piece.

Steve’s first series titled ‘Urban Decay’ was kept to a limited palette of colours – a matt white gaze allowing the underneath oxides to burn through, overlaid with primary red and blue shapes. With ‘UD Two’ however the colours are much brighter and more varied with a stronger emphasis on the texture of the clay that is often ripped and distressed.


Steve has exhibited widely and is a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen, ‘Art on the Map’ Lincolnshire Open Studios and the Design Factory.

Along with his wife Barbara they run pottery classes three days a week from their small home studio gallery.

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