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Brilliant pair

by Silverhunter

Andrew Hunter
I spent my working life as an Art Director and Creative Director for some of Scotland’s best known graphic design partnerships and businesses. I was born in Edinburgh and studied there at the College of Art.
Painting allows me freedom of expression without the restrictions of client’s desires and deadlines.
I am interested in composition, colour, texture and subject matter,
and like to find the essence of the subject and develop an iconic way of focussing on this.
Because I live in remote Highland Perthshire weather plays an important part of my landscape and I love the challenge of capturing it in paint !
My fish out of water series provides me with the opportunity to introduce a little wit and create incongruous situations, likewise the poultry in my garden creates opportunities !
Some of my ideas come from my design background, however for me painting is an ongoing exploratory process and my work evolves around this ideal.
I exhibit in galleries and art events in Edinburgh and other parts of Scotland as well as Perthshire where I live.