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Norfolk Pebble1

by Spencer Jenkins

The work I have been producing reflects on how we use furniture and what it could look like in the modern environments we use and live in. The pieces also highlight the current trends in eco and sustainable materials used in the production process.
I create beautiful, functional sculpture, furniture and wall pieces from woven, carved and steamed wood. Each product is individually designed and handcrafted. My work evolves from ideas, hints and suggestions I receive from the landscape around me, I enjoy physically transforming the woods identity, thin and fragile becomes a dense mass, hardwood, reshaped as light, thin and curved.
Spencer Jenkins Greenwood Artist
Self taught Birmingham born artist Spencer Jenkins started his creative career in his mid twenties, Spencer began his journey from hairdresser to Greenwood artist when deciding to go part time to follow his passion for working with wood. With in a few years he was producing sculpture and furniture using greenwood and willow and with the experience of making his own work, Spencer started to share his knowledge of wood by working creatively with schools, community groups to produce living outdoor spaces, sculpture and furniture.

His innate feeling for the use of sustainable and recycled materials was influenced during his childhood growing up in Africa and watching children make toys out of recycled materials mainly with wire and wood. “Recycling in Africa is a necessity and a need because of poverty and low resources. As a child in Africa I always made things out of recycled or found objects, you had no choice being out in the middle of no where in the 1970`s.”
Back in the U.K, helping his grandfather to collect waste wood out of skips from joiners, shop fitters, timber yards. Spencer would collect wood for himself which he sculptured his first hand carved objects mounted with drift wood. This became the start of using found objects in his work; the found objects have developed into his subject matter for the pieces he is currently working on. Spencer has a deep grained belief in being as sustainable as humanly possible. Artists are resourceful, usually because of the lack of money or seeing a use in other objects and being aware of the world around them.
Spencer makes sculpture and bespoke Furniture to commission and produces his own personal work, where he continues to experiment and develop an understanding of Greenwood. 
The Pebble Collection
by Spencer Jenkins
 For this collection Spencer has produced a series of woven, willow, wall hangings using pebbles as inspiration, creating organic, tactile forms with movement.

Now on show and for sale at  

The Art Studio
Ten-Two Gallery and Art Cafe
102 Castle Street
LE10 1DD
01455 636339