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Cley Windmill

by Stuart Roy

Living in Norfolk the pace of life seems so different it’s perhaps not surprising that this is reflected in his work.

Although big skies, wide sands and the unique lighting of the Norfolk coast may seem descriptive clichés at times, it is this and the very landscapes of the area that inspire Stuart in many of his paintings.

He studied fine art whilst at university in Wales, but quickly became involved in photography on a professional level. When he eventually settled in Suffolk and then Norfolk the move re-ignited his interest in painting.

As an artist he is constantly developing his personal style and exploring new ways of creating work to capture the atmosphere and the colour of a scene.

This original work is in acrylic on two 4cm deep canvases, the edges are painted in a neutral colour. The work is unframed, but is ready to hang as it comes complete with wire attached.

His work is shown in many galleries around the country.

have always since my earliest years been interested in art and painting, studying Fine Art at university in Wales .After leaving university I toured a lot of my works to exhibition venues across the country. I started to use photographs for the basis of my paintings and this gradually took over from the painting and I concentrated on photography for several years.

As well as the fine art photography I worked as a freelance advertising photographer, taking product and PR shots for brochures and various publications. At the same time I learnt how to produce computer visuals and this gradually took over from freehand marker visuals.

This had gone on for several years until my move to Suffolk and Norfolk. This move re-ignited my interest in painting and for the first time in many years I also had the time. The last year or so has allowed me to start painting again and look at establishing a style that is my own and concentrate on the images that I paint.

I have found the landscape of Norfolk inspiring and all the usual clichés of big skies, the unique light etc do apply. The pace of life is so different and that is now reflected in my painting style. Previously I had concentrated on producing images that captured as much detail as possible. colour of a scene. I still use photos as a basis for a picture but I am not tied to slavishly copying from them.

I have work in a range of galleries across the country including:
Snape Maltings, Cromer, Holt, Reepham, York, Brandon, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds.
I took part in the NOS 2011 Open Studios and am about to take part in NOS 2012.I have had work accepted for the Royal Norfolk Show 2012.

I have recently taken part in the Horse About Newmarket competition where I painted a full size horse that was displayed in
Newmarket over the summer and them sold for charity.

Artist Statement
I recently moved to Norfolk in the UK from the midlands. Norfolk is very rural and has wide open spaces that whilst being flat allow you to sea huge vistas.
I had painted years ago but this gradually dropped off as I developed my photographic work. The move to Norfolk made me look at my work and my life and gave me the opportunity to change what I was doing and what I concentrated on. I decided to start painting again and have put a lot of work into producing pictures that are vibrant and dramatic. Previously I was a painter that attempted to produce almost photographic images. Now I am concentrating on the colours and the way in which they work together to capture the feel of a view or a scene.
I work in acrylics and like to work on large canvas's that allow you to use the paint in thick layers. I take pictures of the landscape around me and put elements from them together to capture the feel of the scene rather than a direct copy.
I like to capture the skies and on the larger canvas they capture the drama of the area. Working the paint and colours allows the pictures to evolve and develop as I produce them.