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by art sara sylvester

My current works are mostly in watercolour, although I have tried most mediums over the years.

I paint intuitively, letting the picture evolve as it goes - so I never know what is going to happen!
I do not use pencil or other mark makers to outline a shape and neither do I make use of masking fluid. I try to achieve textures through layering glazes to get the right depths of colour.

Like many aspiring artists of my generation, I was not allowed to go to art college, so I have had to wait to start all over and can now describe myself as a 'self taught artist'.

I have sold successfully through galleries and art shows over the years, but an illness and a family move put a temporary hold on things!

However, I am now back into selling ways - from local exhibitions and from my website.

Please take a look at other things I make: Studio is in an adjoining building to the house - if I'm in, I'm open.