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by jreay

What I Do
I create things*...
*things = Books/ interiors/ art/ furniture

I collaborate, constantly hatching new concepts, I appreciate the skills of others whether it be 3D or 2D.
I don't believe in pretentious designers with big egos, I believe in genuines with creative visions who want to make stuff HAPPEN. I like to work with graphic designers, animators, web designers, Interior designers, architects and film makers.

Studied Interior Design at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, my creative self stems from childhood.
 I was lucky enough as a child to have stories read to me almost every night by mum and dad. I would get lost in stories and as a result I spent most of my time drawing and creating 'inventions' that I thought might one day change the world! 
I am an artist who likes to work in 2D, 3D and sometimes with whatever I find inspiring at the time.

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