The China Shop Henny Acloque: Justice
Henny Acloque: Justice

29th Sep - 3rd Nov 2012

Acloque’s most recent works are appropriations of paintings by deceased artists sourced from auction catalogues and postcards. The original images are theoretically and literally dismantled as figures are removed from the landscapes then wittily reassembled with abstract brushstrokes that darkly undermine and disrupt the fantastical visions. The retrospective works in Justice are Acloque’s updated pictorial version of Bruegel's sixteenth century Tarot cards. These haunting images are mixed with a personal interest in the Spanish rituals and dress during Semana Santa and thus her characters sport sinister red hats worn by the penitents disguising the full identities of the tarot characters. A loss of ideologies and a reminder of our mortality underpin Acloque’s entire practice, while some symbols give the work a disturbing air, the gentle landscapes throughout the works add to the mystery and sense of foreboding.