Northern Gallery for Contemporary Ar Kelly Richardson: Legion
Kelly Richardson: Legion

5th Jul - 29th Sep 2012

Richardson's work imagines an array of possible futures for humankind. She draws on the imagery of science-fiction cinema, literature, and the history of landscape painting to visualize the kind of relationships mankind may yet have to the natural world in an imagined near future. Her works are created by combining high-tech animations with footage of some of the world's most spectacular wildernesses. They ask us to imagine what future mankind can shape for itself and the planet when environmental meltdown seems, to many, to be all but unavoidable. Many of her best-known works create a vision of a world on the brink of apocalypse.  In 'Exiles of the Shattered Star', illustrated, fragments of a second sun fall to earth, covering the mountains and hills of the Lake District with balls of fire.