Nettie Horn Kim Rugg
Kim Rugg

6th Dec 2012 - 2nd Feb 2013

Through a tenacious attention to detail, Rugg's newspaper pieces transgress conventional systems by obliterating what is conceived to be the important element: "the content". Deconstructed and rearranged according to new orders or text codes, the artist explores new codes of reading while maintaining the integrity of her subjects as objects. Rugg is interested in the evolution of language emerging from modern day technology - for example, the character restrictions generated by social networks, such as Twitter, inspired the translation of a front page of the Guardian into "text speak", a phonetic and shorthand method of writing. With this new series of newspaper pieces, Rugg questions the semantics and orthography of linguistics by using an object, which is, in essence a vehicle for a standardised and conformist use of the English language.