The China Shop Tamarin Norwood
Tamarin Norwood
Well You Have To Draw The Line Somewhere

17th Jan - 16th Feb 2013

Norwood’s practice uses lines from language and drawing to momentarily trap a given object or event against the moving point of time, only to leave it behind as time moves on. In WELL YOU HAVE TO DRAW THE LINE SOMEWHERE, Norwood uses the line as a motif for questioning how everyday objects and events might be trapped or ‘inscribed’ as art, and how these artworks might subsequently be released to disappear back into everyday life. Revisiting the visual language of early 20th century experiments in readymade art, Norwood repurposes her own domestic objects to ask what their inscription as artworks might mean for the uninscribed objects left behind in everyday life. Throughout the exhibition a performative narrative is played out by the artist who is living at home with these remaining uninscribed objects. This narrative prompts the question: where do you draw the line between the inscription of the everyday object as art and the disappearance of the artist into everyday life?