Haunch of Venison Thomas Joshua Cooper: Messages
Thomas Joshua Cooper: Messages

1st Feb - 28th Mar 2013

This exhibition brings together a group of major works by Thomas Joshua Cooper which constitute ‘messages’ to other artists. Cooper suggests that the artist is always, in some way, in dialogue with both peers and precursors through his work. He characterises this as an ‘ongoing conversation’ and in some works makes this explicit by giving the work a subtitle, ‘Message to…’ The exhibition includes works made across Cooper’s career, including a group of rare and little known early pieces from the 1970s, and photographs made in very diverse geographical locations including California, Derbyshire, Tokyo and Provence. Coopers ‘messages’ are to artists including Richard Serra, Robert Frank and Timothy O’Sullivan and also the great Japanese haiku poets Basho and Issa. A number of works are being shown for the first time