Eleven Fine Art Martha Parsey: If 6 Was 9
Martha Parsey: If 6 Was 9

17th Jan - 16th Feb 2013

The figure has always been central to Parsey’s work as she develops the rest of the composition around her protagonist. In this new series, she gradually redefines and withdraws the figure shifting her focus instead to the still life featured. In the painting If 6 Was 9 (2012) she devotes equal consideration to the dense detail in both the rendering of the figure and the flowers - the bouquet bursts from the background, subtly pushing the figure to the side as they compete for attention. Parsey creates tension and inconspicuous narrative between the elderly woman and bright blossoming flowers. The soft lavender of the petals echo the woman’s made-up eyelids and the veins of the leaves reflect the subtle patterning in the fur shawl as the artist directly lends the flora the same characteristics she imparts on her figure.