The Henry Moore Foundation Vladimir Markov: Displays and Fictions
Vladimir Markov: Displays and Fictions

30th Jan - 14th Apr 2013

Voldem?rs Matvejs (b. Riga, 1877; d. St Petersburg, 1914) was a Latvian painter and art theorist who was fascinated by the display and understanding of art. He took 'Vladimir Markov' as his nom de plume in 1912, marking the first publication of his theoretical writings.  In the three years before his death he researched a universal theory for the development and understanding of art, based on fundamental studies of the art of 'all periods and regions'. His research led him to photograph works of art across Europe, documenting many different modes of display, and, indirectly, revealing the ways in which photography can be used to tell a particular artistic narrative. This exhibition focuses on the depiction of sculpture, by exploring photographs, publications and a painting by Markov from 1910.