Charlie Smith The Order of Things
The Order of Things
Paul Eachus, Chris Jones, Alexis Milne, David Turley

2nd Mar - 30th Mar 2013

The advent of collage and assemblage was arguably one of the most important developments in 20th century Modernism that led to the multiplicitous explosion of Postmodernism and current art practice. It has fundamentally influenced the nature of making and the use of materials since 1912 to the current day, from Picasso to Schwitters to Rauschenberg to Barbara Kruger, George Barber and recent Turner Prize winners Mark Wallinger and Elizabeth Price. The embracing of ‘low’, found and acquired materials, images and phrases was and is a method that elevates the process in itself as equal to the consideration of the final object. This enables the artist to appropriate from existing sources, thereby rendering the whole of culture, manufacturing and commerce as legitimate and direct source material.