Arnolfini Jutta Koether: Seasons and Sacraments
Jutta Koether: Seasons and Sacraments

4th May - 7th Jul 2013

While Koether’s practice also engages with performance, music and text, and often incorporates unusual materials such as glitter and liquid glass, the history of painting continues to play a decisive role in her work. The exhibition will comprise two large series of works that respond directly to the French artist Nicolas Poussin (1594 – 1665), a reinterpretation of his The Seven Sacraments reimagined as a series of installations, and Seasons (2012), a response to Poussin’s The Four Seasons. Remembering, repeating and working within a tradition, but deviating and radicalising this tradition dramatically, serves as a working model in Koether’s practice to investigate what it means to be a painter today.