Ilona Szalay Octopus
25th May - 30th Jun 2013

The title of the exhibition 'Octopus' is taken from the title of one of the key works in the show and serves as a symbol or metaphor of the artist's vision of the world. The powerful and far-reaching tentacles of the octopus, its strangeness, other worldliness, eroticism and uncontainability make it an apt and suggestive conduit through which the artist tracks her ideas.
The curator Carolina Lio writes: "In her work creation and destruction co-exist. Beauty and fragility contrast and collide with control and power play, which is both sexual and aggressive. The scenes show a constant struggle between moral values and instinctual urges which are perpetually on the point of explosion or obliteration. The work is fed by a kind of dynamic equilibrium, a perpetual motion which holds in check the hierarchies of existence and produces a dense tapestry of narrative bound together in constant tension. A secret danger seems to portend every scene - lost in the recesses of the glass, it seems this menace suffers in solitude and silence."