Gillian Holding Edgelands of Leeds I
Edgelands of Leeds I

13th Apr - 13th May 2013

Gillian’s work explores the everyday and familiar; looking at the unremarkable and what happens when nothing is happening; and how where we find ourselves affects our notions, perceptions and assumptions about places, people and identity. 

This lies at the heart of the sudden feelings of dissonance she experiences in her encounters with the everyday: it's a glimpse of the familiar seeming out-of-place, almost absurd, within its daily ordinariness. 


The Holbeck Botanicals on show explore the incongruity and strangeness of an explosion of wild flower meadows in light industrial wasteland last summer.

Holbeck, an unprepossessing area south of Leeds City Centre, has fascinated and inspired Gillian for the three years she has maintained a studio in the locality, which finds the decayed splendour of Victorian factory architecture interspersed with patches of desolate and scarred grey wasteland for much of the year.

But during the summer months of 2011, the unexpected floral transformation provided a fresh perspective on the eclecticism of the neighbourhood. She ended up walking through it all on a daily basis, recording the flowering glory and eventual decay of the flowers.

The resulting work comprises a series of digital collages, where the original photography has been layered and manipulated with digitally generated painting and drawing. Original images are deconstructed and reconstructed with reworked scale and perspective in order to fully explore this absurd encounter with the surreal.