Gillian Holding Edgelands of Leeds II (Social Isolation)


Much of my work reflects everyday encounters with the delights and absurdities of the mundane and the familiar. As the writer Georges Perec nicely puts it, it’s all about seeing the unremarkable and what happens when nothing is happening. I can spend hours wandering the semi-industrial and urban ‘edgelands” and nameless bits of nowhere in suburbs and suburbia. The art which results is a sort of re-enchantment of the ordinary world around us.

In my wanderings, I’m often struck by those isolated pubs you see dotted around apparently in the middle of nowhere and surviving against the odds; the buildings left exposed on the landscape whilst all round is demolished, redeveloped, redrawn. How do they survive demolition and subsequent displacement of custom? They seem so apart from the world around, and looking from outside on the streets, you never see people enter or exit. A number of the places shown here are now just ghost pubs: boarded up and to let or for sale, even demolished during the last two years I've been documenting.