Jonathan Alibone To All Who Come To This Happy Place
To All Who Come To This Happy Place
Jonathan Alibone
29th Apr - 31st May 2013

The works presented in this exhibition can be read as an articulation of the uncertainty and irreconcilable antagonisms inherent in our existence. They offer a critical interrogation of western culture's beliefs and values, and an exploration of the conflicted territory between such opposing concepts as: faith and doubt, reality and fantasy, the enduring and the transient, and physical desire versus spiritual longing. Alibone appropriates images and text from film, magazines, pornography, and other cultural ephemera, setting them adrift from their original contextual moorings. Meaning and metaphor are re-introduced through a process of loss and retrieval, of creation and destruction, enacted within each painting.
Figures appear at once to both dissolve into and emerge from shallow, unmodulated and featureless space; they have solidity, but are also unstable, immaterial and spectral. Through the paint, the bones of each work's construction are revealed; the subsequent accretion of layers becomes a signifier for the depth resisted by the surface.